Tiger Eyes Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Davey's father's funeral.

Davey's father's funeral was uncomfortable for Davey. The heat made everybody more miserable than they already were, and she felt very detached from the situation. Davey can feel the distance between everybody.

2. Describe how Davey shows her loss of connection with others.

Davey no longer feels connected to certain people. Her friend Hugh, for example, evokes no positive recognition. While they once had a connection, it has been lost as a result of her father's death.

3. What different coping mechanisms do Davey and her family utilize?

Davey's family uses different coping mechanisms. Her mother is the rock of the family, remaining strong and solid. Davey shuts down and can't even get through a day of school. She doesn't let anybody penetrate her tough shell. Davey's brother, Jason, is quite the opposite. He wants to ask questions about death and becomes very interested in it.

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