Tiger Eyes Character Descriptions

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Davey Wexler

This character loses a father right before the story opens.

Wolf (Martin Ortiz)

This character teaches the main character more than anyone else in the town they live in since they have a profound connection.

Davey's Mother, (Gwen Wexler)

This character begins as a rock for her family, but begins having anxiety attacks.

Davey's Father, (Adam Wexler)

This character was a loving and loyal family member who owned a 7-Eleven store.

Jason Wexler

This character asks many questions and likes to back.


This character loves a safe life in Los Alamos and doesn't want anything ruining the perfect community.


This character is a physicist at a lab that designs bombs.


This character becomes friends with the main character and turns to alcohol to cope with her shyness.


This character is the main character's best friend in Atlantic City.


This character tries...

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