Thursday Next in Lost in a Good Book: A Novel Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Jasper Fforde
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Thursday discover at the coincidental epicenter in Chapter 15?
(a) A seamstress.
(b) A fishmonger.
(c) A fortune teller.
(d) Mrs. Nakajima.

2. Who do the two men in the car following Thursday work for?
(a) SO-27.
(b) SO-17.
(c) SO-5.
(d) SO-1.

3. Why will Thursday appear before the Magistrate?
(a) Because of her attitude toward Victor Analogy.
(b) Because of her actions on the Skyrail.
(c) Because of her actions in Jane Eyre.
(d) Because of what she did to Jack Schitt.

4. Who is the subject of Thursday's hearing at SpecOps?
(a) Her father.
(b) Acheron Hades.
(c) Kaylieu.
(d) Stiggins.

5. Who is sitting next to Thursday on the Gravitube?
(a) Acheron Hades.
(b) Landon Park-Laine.
(c) Akrid Snell.
(d) Bowden Cable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the key to saving humanity?

2. How does Thursday's defense attorney contact her in Chapter 2?

3. What book does Thursday read to try and get into literature?

4. What does Thursday discover is evolving from her appearance on the Adrian Lush Show?

5. What is the driver's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Great Library? Who is its librarian?

2. Explain what Thursday's father tells her about in Chapter 5 when they are at Marlborough Downs.

3. What happens when Thursday and Landon are on a picnic together in Chapter 7?

4. What does the Verse Meter Analysis reveal about Cardenio in Chapter 4a? Why is this significant?

5. Who does Thursday dream about in Chapter 12? What do these two have in common?

6. Explain the exchange between Thursday and her landlord in Chapter 12. What does this exchange reveal about Thursday?

7. What does Thursday think her hearing at SpecOps is about? What is it really about?

8. Who is driving the Skyrail Thursday boards in Chapter 4? What is significant about him?

9. How does the hostage situation on the Skyrail play out?

10. Explain the black Pontiac from Chapter 3.

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