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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora use against the final skinwalker?

2. What does Nora accuse her of?

3. What was there no hint of from the inside of Chilbah valley?

4. What does Nora find as she continues to flee the injured skinwalker?

5. What does Sloane do during the flood?

Short Essay Questions

1. After her argument with Nora, what does Sloane do?

2. What does Black think of Sloane's behavior as the flood waters rage?

3. What two things do the skinwalkers do when they go into Chilbah valley in Chapter 36?

4. What do the designs on the black on yellow micaceous pottery reveal?

5. How do Nora and Bill get out of the slot canyon after regaining consciousness?

6. Why is Beiyoodzin seeking the Priest's Trail?

7. What does Sloane conceal from Nora and how does Black react?

8. Bonarotti sits outside after breaking through the seals to the Sun Kiva to have a cigarette and has trouble remembering what?

9. How do Smithback and Nora escape?

10. Who grabs Nora from behind when she goes to check whether or not Sloane had killed Smithback?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are several factors that play into Nora's determination to take the horses over Devil's Backbone. This is a costly decision in several different ways, both physical and emotional. What are they? There is some dissent among team members as well. How does that factor into the decision, if at all? What could have been done at this point that may have avoided the tragic loss they suffer? Roscoe is one of her major opponents at this juncture. How does the tragedy that occurs play a part in their behavior further into the story?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 31, Aragon has spends the entire night going over the bones that they found in the crawlspace. His revelations are disturbing at the very least and uncover some conflicting observations. Why does it make Nora and Aragon nervous? After an entire night absorbed in the task of understanding the bones and their history, how does he believe they connect to the skull found in Anasazi cave they explored before finding Quivira? What is the overall significance of this find?

Essay Topic 3

Separating oneself from the comforts of home and conveniences of city life can exact a toll on a person. While some characters would see this as a challenge to be overcome with grace and dignity, others might not be so strong. Which characters rise to the occasion, becoming stronger and showing an ability to cope? Which characters break down? Speculate as to why the different characters react the way that they do and on possible solutions?

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