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Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggests Nora call Cal Tech?

2. What does he call the valley that Quivira is located in?

3. How does Skip surprise Sonya?

4. What is Kokopelli?

5. What do they find in the cave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two incidents in Chapters 1 through 8 suggest to the reader some kind of witchcraft or demonic forces are at work behind the scenes?

2. Why does John leave Nora and Bill so suddenly?

3. What did the pictographs on the back walls depict?

4. What incidents cause tensions to flare between Nora and Sloane?

5. What is so important about the letter Nora finds from her father?

6. Why does Nora believe Smithback almost ruined everything, and as such, still harbor some resentment towards him?

7. Why did Nora Kelly's mother have such a low opinion of her husband, Padraic?

8. What items are unusual in the cliff dwelling?

9. When the ceremony is conducted at the ancient grave site, what becomes clear?

10. Skip went back to the farmhouse and picked up Teddy Bear after Teresa's death. Why did he do this, and what happened afterwards?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The attack on Nora is made by creatures who are interested in only one thing. They are seeking a letter. What about this letter is so important? How is it that the contents of this letter could bring about the kind of attack Nora faced? Without interruption from Teresa, how might the outcome of this attack been different? Why did the creatures seem to give up so easily when Teresa showed up?

Essay Topic 2

Aragon comes to the conclusion that it is likely that they Aztecs or their Toltec predecessors invaded the Anasazi civilization at Quivira sometime around A.D. 950. When that happened, everything changed. How did the Toltecs present themselves to the Anasazi peoples? What was the result of their influence on the Anasazi? How is Aragon able to establish these facts? What is the science that he uses to back up his suppositions?

Essay Topic 3

Black and Sloane both report the day's weather as being clear for the day when they have both witnessed evidence to the contrary. Each has different reasons for their omission. Explain them. Why is Sloane so determined to stay? What motivates Black's behavior? It is easy to see that neither is motivated solely by the desire to explore the Kiva, so what is the common factor that is behind their omission? (Nora is motivated by the same desire when she is determined to leave but each has different focal points)

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