Thunderhead Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why did Nora Kelly's mother have such a low opinion of her husband, Padraic?

Nora Kelly's mother had a low opinion of her husband Padriac because she resented him for leaving them. It made her angry that he spent his life as a dreamer instead of being a realist and providing for his family. She would have preferred that he take a nine to five job.

2. What is so important about the letter Nora finds from her father?

The letter Nora finds from her father is important because it describes his finding of the fabled Quivira. In her mind, it vindicates him, and justifies his belief in the lost city. As a result, such a find would rebuild his less than stellar reputation.

3. What does Dr. Blakewood want Nora to do when she tells him about her father's letter?

Dr. Blakewood wants Nora to finish the lab work started from previous expeditions. He has promised her that if she neglects to do this, he will ensure that she will be out of a job in six months.

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