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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 63-67 and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the lightning stones come from?
(a) The Keet Moon Kiva.
(b) The Great Sun Kiva.
(c) The Keet Seel's great Kiva.
(d) The Anasazi river bed.

2. What does Nora use against the final skinwalker?
(a) A club.
(b) Sloane's gun.
(c) A spear with an obsidian tip.
(d) Fire.

3. How does Nora plan to get the horses to the head of Serpentine Canyon?
(a) She wants to buy them from the Anasazi tribe.
(b) She wants to load them on rail cars.
(c) She wants to ride them in from local stables.
(d) Nora plans to float the entire expedition up the lake on a barge.

4. What three things did the Detective ask of Skip?
(a) To keep Teresa's death to himself; to stay away from the farmhouse; and to stay where they could find him.
(b) To write an inventory, list missing items and estimate the costs.
(c) To go to the farmhouse, take inventory, and clean up.
(d) To find Nora; get a lawyer and accompany him to the farmhouse.

5. What does Skip find out about his brakes?
(a) That the mechanic failed to do his job.
(b) That someone cut the lines.
(c) That the brake fluid leaked out under the car.
(d) That someone drained them deliberately.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Smithback write for?

2. After finding and climbing the collapsed trail, what intact feature do they find?

3. What is the nightmare that Black had as a child?

4. What signs would convince Nora they were still on the Anasazi road?

5. How does Dr. Blakewood react to Nora's idea for the expedition?

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