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Padraic Kelly's Letter

This tells Nora the location of Quivira, a mythic city of gold. Nora uses it to lead an expedition into the Utah canyons.


The skinwalkers take this from Nora's house to cast a spell on her.

Obsidian Knives

The skinwalkers carry these as weapons.

Buckskin Masks and Animal Pelt Cloaks

The skinwalkers wear cloaks made of these.

Concha Belts

The skinwalkers wear these which are often the only noise they make, the only way anyone might hear them coming.

Datura Flowers

The skinwalkers burn these so that they can inhale the smoke created.

Corpse Powder

This is created out of the bones and other human artifacts in order to bring illness and death upon their enemies.

Rain Kiva

This is the main center of worship at Quivira and is located in the center of the city.

Sun Kiva

This is located underneath Quivira in...

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