Thunderhead Character Descriptions

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Nora Kelly

This character is an associate professor and archeologist at The Santa Fe Archeological Institute.

Padraic Kelly

This character was a fortune hunter who disappears after leaving a message found much later.

Roscoe Swire

This is a cowboy hired to take a team to Quivira. This is a small person who has a lot of spirit.

Enrique Aragon

This person is a medical doctor as well as an archeologist who believes that artifacts discovered by scientists should be studied where they are found and then left alone.

Aaron Black

This character is a geochronologist who is pompous and not comfortable without modern conveniences.

Bill Smithback

This person is a writer who has a successful career as a journalist.

Peter Holroyd

This person is a physicist who works for The Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal Tech.

Sloane Goddard

This is the daughter of the chairman of the board...

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