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Chapters 1-8

• Nora goes to her family's farm and is attacked by someone dressed as an animal and then saved by their neighbor, Teresa

• Nora finds a letter from their father, sent to her mother sixteen years earlier that details his finding of the lost city of Quivira

• Nora tries to get funding to search for the city, finally asking her brother Skip if they can sell the family farm for the expedition

• Dr. Blakewood tells Nora if she doesn't finish previous lab work instead, she will be out of a job
• Skip doesn't want to sell the farm, afraid she will use the money leaving him with nothing

• Skip recommends she talk to his college friend now at Cal Tech for help but when he brushes her off, she goes to his subordinate, Peter Holroyd for help instead

• Peter meets with Nora, and is drawn to her...

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