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Short Answer Questions

1. What kharmic statement do the Tonists Anastasia confronts in Fulcrum City make?

2. What weapon does Purity brandish as she pursues Slayd into the theater?

3. To which early scythe’s writings does Munira refer Faraday for information about early scythes’ personalities?

4. If Tonists travel in a group of 7, what do they purpose to represent?

5. What is the name of the Librarian of Congress Faraday and Munira meet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What distinction is noted between previous conclaves’ security and that of the conclave of January 7, Year of the Raptor?

2. What reason does Mendoza give for darkness in Greyson’s bedroom?

3. What requirements does the Thunderhead express for a new Grandslayer to be installed?

4. What overall form does Endura take?

5. What does Rowan consider the major point of his conversations with the Thunderhead?

6. What rituals attend upon opening the scythes’ conclave, and why are they important?

7. Briefly detail the symbolism in Xenocrates’s predecessor as Grandslayer.

8. What reasons does Scythe Curie give for her antipathy towards Tonists (239)?

9. What information does Rowan have about Texas when he awakens in captivity there (246)?

10. Consider Scythe Constantine’s comment that he will attend the scythes’ conclave “even if they have to replace [his] blood with antifreeze to make it happen” (281-82). What is implied about him by the comment, and how is it implied?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Thunderhead remarks that “although I do not require devotion, am I not deserving of it?” as it considers its status relative to the deities worshipped in its past (158). Based on the text leading up to the comment—the beginning of the novel through Chapter 15, “Hall of the Founders”—is the Thunderhead correct? How or how not, and to what extent?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the following passage:

It was, therefore, decided that the play would conclude shortly after Caesar dies, robbing an irritated Marc Antony of his famous “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” speech. No one would cry havoc and release the dogs of war. Instead, the lights would come up on a stunned audience. There would be no curtain call. The curtain, in fact, would never close. Instead, Caesar’s very dead body would remain on the stage until the last of the audience left. This, Aldrich’s final moment of acting was to be marked by an inability to act in any way whatever (261).

The proposed adaptation is a substantial one. Given the presumed audience for the play within the text, what effect is the alteration likely to have? What in the text suggests it? How does it do so?

Essay Topic 3

It is clear that the novel belongs to the genre of young adult fiction. It is also clear that the novel belongs to the genre of science fiction. Explain how it does so, noting ways in which it follows and fails to follow conventions of the genre. (Note that being able to do so entails being able to articulate those conventions, likely with illustrative examples.)

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