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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What treatment does Bond have at the end of this chapter?
(a) Speech therapy
(b) Traction
(c) Water therapy
(d) Massage

2. What does Lippe have under his watch?
(a) A coin
(b) A dart
(c) A tattoo
(d) A plectrum

3. What is the traction machine also known as?
(a) The screw
(b) The coffin
(c) The iron maiden
(d) The rack

4. Where does M think the plane landed?
(a) Alaska
(b) Hawaii
(c) Miami
(d) The Bahamas

5. What is Disco Volante?
(a) A villa
(b) A motorbike
(c) A woman
(d) A yacht

6. What kind of organizations is SPECTRE made up of?
(a) Criminal organizations
(b) Spy organizations
(c) Gambling organizations
(d) Government organizations

7. What did Blofeld make a fortune selling during the war?
(a) Love letters
(b) Paintings
(c) Intelligence
(d) Antiques

8. What did no.12 do to the kidnapped girl?
(a) Let her go
(b) Let her talk to her parents
(c) Molested her
(d) Gave her information

9. Where does Bond wait for Lippe?
(a) In the traction room
(b) Behind the bike sheds
(c) In the dining room
(d) In the Turkish bath

10. Where does M want to send Bond?
(a) Babbleland
(b) Shrublands
(c) Bubbleland
(d) Horogope

11. What will be SPECTRE no. 1's cover?
(a) Tourist
(b) Treasure hunter
(c) Salesman
(d) Merchant banker

12. What does Lippe offer Bond 50,000 for?
(a) Patricia
(b) His watch
(c) Information
(d) His freedom

13. What is the name of SPECTRE's current undertaking?
(a) Plan Omega
(b) Kill Bond
(c) Plan Touch
(d) Jamabayla

14. What does Bond see Domino as?
(a) Wife material
(b) An independent woman
(c) A danger to his life
(d) Someone to chat to

15. What have Bond's actions put off?
(a) Lippe's marraige to Patricia
(b) An international plot
(c) A meeting
(d) Lippe's appetite

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bond think the taxi driver is arrogant?

2. Who has sent M a letter?

3. Where does Petacchi fly the plane towards?

4. Whose room does Bond search?

5. What woman does Bond desire?

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