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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, Cardboard Hero.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What method of transport does Bond use to get to Shrublands?
(a) Bus
(b) Taxi
(c) Plane
(d) Subway

2. What does Letier's Geiger counter pick up aboard Largo's ship?
(a) Nuclear weapons
(b) Animal life
(c) Alien life
(d) Nothing

3. Who is the only member of SPECTRE who is not in the Bahamas?
(a) Blofeld
(b) Largo
(c) Johnson
(d) Lippe

4. What was the name of the security firm Leiter was working for?
(a) Kline's
(b) Red's
(c) Hottie's
(d) Pinkerton's

5. Where does Petacchi fly the plane towards?
(a) New York
(b) London
(c) Paris
(d) Chicago

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leiter think is the most likely target for the second bomb?

2. Why is SPECTRE's plan delayed for a week?

3. What fake organization supposedly meets in this chapter?

4. Where does Patricia lead Bond to after his treatment?

5. What does Bond say he no longer finds annoying?

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