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Chapter 1, 'Take It Easy, Mr Bond'

• Bond wakes up from a nasty hangover after a night of losing at bridge.

• Bond meets his superior M. M tells Bond he smokes and drinks too much and wants him to take a break at a health clinic.
• Miss Moneypenny tells Bond that M has been on a health kick ever since he has come back from Shrublands and Bond is his unfortunate victim.

• Bond leaves headquarters in a foul mood.

Chapter 2, Shrublands

• Bond's taxi driver gives him the lowdown on Shrublands. He tells him the clients cheat by binging at the local teashops.

• Bond meets the head naturopath, Joshua Wain. He outlines a diet, massage and some other strange treatments.
• Bond save the life of a woman called Patricia. The man who nearly runs her down is a patient called Count Lippe.

• Bond has a massage on a table next...

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