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Émile Gaboriau
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Chapter XXX", how does Thérèse describe herself to Laurent?
(a) As being guilty.
(b) As being less happy.
(c) As being lonely.
(d) As being more peaceful.

2. Why does Thérèse begin begging for forgiveness?
(a) Because it makes her feel better.
(b) Because she wants to make Madame Raquin feel better.
(c) Because it makes Laurent angry.
(d) Because she believes Camille can hear her.

3. Why do Laurent and Thérèse want Madame Raquin to suggest the get married?
(a) To avoid looking guilty.
(b) To have her blessing.
(c) So they won't have to decide themselves.
(d) So they can wait longer before getting married.

4. Why do Laurent and Thérèse keep a space between them in "Chapter XXII"?
(a) Because Laurent is sick.
(b) Because Thérèse fears her aunt will get mad.
(c) Because Thérèse is sick.
(d) Because they feel Camille's ghost there.

5. In "Chapter XXV", what does Laurent's friend say about his paintings?
(a) They resemble each other.
(b) They are all so green.
(c) They are very mature.
(d) They are a little clumsy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Laurent talk about his old times with Thérèse on their wedding night?

2. How often does Thérèse kiss Madame Raquin in "Chapter XXIX"?

3. How is Laurent able to buy new clothes in "Chapter XX"?

4. What does Grivet toast to at Thérèse and Laurent's wedding?

5. In "Chapter XXIII", what does Thérèse do when she admits Camille has triumphed over her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Thérèse sees Laurent's scar?

2. How do Laurent and Thérèse react to Madame Raquin's stroke?

3. What does Laurent do when Thérèse starts kissing her aunt daily?

4. How do Laurent and Thérèse want to end their fear of Camille's ghost?

5. How does Laurent end up officially engaged to Thérèse?

6. How does Madame Raquin feel about the care Thérèse and Laurent give her when she is ill?

7. Why are Thérèse and Laurent nervous on their wedding night?

8. What is Thérèse and Laurent's wedding like?

9. How does Thérèse show her remorse in "Chapter XXIX"?

10. What are the Thursday night gatherings like after Madame Raquin's stroke?

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