Therese Raquin Short Essay - Answer Key

Émile Gaboriau
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1. How is the shop introduced in "Chapter I"?

The shop is introduced as being in an alley in a rough part of Paris. The shop is dark and a little gloomy. There are three people in the shop selling things like needles, ribbons and fabric for hats.

2. In "Chapter I", what do the three people in the shop do?

There is a young woman in the shop who sits, looking bored, like she is part of the shop itself. An older woman does most of the work in the shop, while a young man spends his time talking to the customers.

3. What was Camille's childhood like?

Camille was sick for much of his childhood, and grew up to be a sickly man. His mother pampered him, which made Camille a spoiled child. Camille never had a formal education because his mother kept him from one, preferring to care for him at home instead.

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