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Émile Gaboriau
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters XIII - XVI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Chapter IX", how long does Laurent figure he can remain idle?
(a) Until his paintings stop selling.
(b) Until Thérèse stops giving him money.
(c) Until Camille dies.
(d) Until his father dies.

2. What does Laurent whisper to Thérèse when he takes her home in "Chapter XII"?
(a) Be strong.
(b) It's fine.
(c) You win.
(d) Remember this.

3. At the end of "Chapter IX", what does Laurent decide to do about Camille?
(a) He decides to let Thérèse make the final decision.
(b) He decides to wait before making a final decision.
(c) He decides to kill him.
(d) He decides to not kill him.

4. In "Chapter II", why does the narrator say Thérèse was excited about living in the country?
(a) The education.
(b) The men.
(c) The freedom.
(d) The work opportunities.

5. In "Chapter VI", what convinces Laurent he can be Thérèse's lover?
(a) The way she watches him.
(b) The way Camille treats her.
(c) His self confidence in his talent.
(d) His competition with Camille.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Chapter XI", what does Laurent first think to do to kill Camille?

2. In "Chapter V", whose portrait does Laurent offer to paint?

3. Why does the narrator say Madame Raquin become Thérèse's guardian?

4. How does the narrator say Madam Raquin worked with Thérèse when buying the shop and apartment?

5. In Grivet's story in "Chapter X", why does the servant go to jail?

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