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Émile Gaboriau
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters VII - IX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Camille ever have a real education?
(a) He lives too far from school.
(b) He never attends school.
(c) His mother prevents it.
(d) His father makes him work instead.

2. How does Madame Raquin know Michaud?
(a) They used to live in the same house.
(b) They are cousins.
(c) Her neice married his son.
(d) Her husband used to work with him.

3. In "Chapter III", why does Camille think he will not spend much time at the shop?
(a) Because he will have a different job.
(b) Because he will be traveling.
(c) Because he will sell the shop.
(d) Because he will buy a new house.

4. What does Camille do most nights after work?
(a) Takes a nap.
(b) Reads.
(c) Goes to the pub.
(d) Works in the shop.

5. In "Chapter IX", why does Laurent see less of Thérèse?
(a) He has to work.
(b) He meets another woman.
(c) He goes out of town.
(d) He becomes sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Chapter VI", why does Laurent start coming to the Raquin apartment nearly every day?

2. In "Chapter VI", what convinces Laurent he can be Thérèse's lover?

3. How does Laurent initiate the affair with Thérèse?

4. In "Chapter VII", what worries Laurent most about Thérèse's involvement in their affair?

5. In "Chapter IX", how long does Laurent figure he can remain idle?

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