Objects & Places from Therese Raquin

Émile Gaboriau
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Vernon - This is where Madame Raquin has a haberdashery shop.

Country House by the Seine - This is where Madame Raquin goes after retiring.

Passage du Pont-Neuf - This is an alley.

The Haberdashery Shop - This is what Madame Raquin purchases to help her family move to Paris.

Attic Room - This is where Laurent stays before marrying Thérèse.

Studio - This is what Laurent rents with Thérèse's money.

Camille's Portrait - This frightens Laurent and Thérèse on their wedding night.

Morgue - Laurent visits here daily after Camille's death.

Bedroom - This is where Laurent and Thérèse can't stand to be near each other after they marry.

Dining Room - This is where Madame Raquin spends her days after her stroke.

Stoneware flagon - This contains prussic acid.

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