Therese Raquin Character Descriptions

Émile Gaboriau
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This character is cared for by her aunt after her parents die. She is married to her sickly cousin.


This character's father is wealthy, but won't support him as he lives idly as an artist.

Madame Raquin

This character ends up unable to speak after having a stroke.


This character insists on moving to Paris, where he is eventually murdered.


This character is a former police commissioner.


This character meets with his friends on Thursday nights where he believes he can read an old woman's thoughts.


This character works for the police and loves to talk.


This character seems silent beside her husband, but is willing to help her friends in times of need.


This character scratches at a wall and is mistaken for a ghost.

Artist friend

This character visits a studio and criticizes the work there...

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