Therese Raquin Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Émile Gaboriau
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Chapters I-III

• Thérèse, Camille and Madame Raquin are introduced as they work in their shop.

• The Raquins live in an apartment above their shop, which is in a rough and dismal part of Paris.

• Thérèse was taken in by Madame Raquin after her mother's death. She later married her son, Camille, a sickly man.

Chapters IV - VI

• The Raquins have guests every Thursday.

• Laurent, a childhood friend of Camille's, begins coming over on Thursdays.

• Laurent paints a portrait of Camille.

• Laurent and Thérèse start having an affair.

Chapters VII - IX

• Laurent and Thérèse begin their affair and avoid being caught.

• Thérèse is bold about her affair with Laurent.

• Laurent and Thérèse consider staging an accident to kill Camille so they can be together.

Chapters X - XII

• Laurent decides to throw Camille off a...

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