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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does A hope for regarding her death?
(a) A hopes that her death will be quick.
(b) A wants her son to be with her when she dies.
(c) A hopes that her family won't argue about her possessions.
(d) A hopes that her final wishes will be followed.

2. What happened to A's mother as she got older?
(a) She got nasty and lonely.
(b) Her health declined rapidly.
(c) She became more understanding and compassionate.
(d) She lost touch with both of her daughters.

3. What is C unable to remember in Act 2, Part 4?
(a) The emotions associated with her son's birth.
(b) The emotions associated with her childhood.
(c) The emotions associated with good and bad times.
(d) The emotions associated with her marriage.

4. What is C and B's relationship to A, as it is revealed in Act 2, Part 1?
(a) C and B are both A at different stages of her life.
(b) C and B are distant relatives of A's.
(c) C is A's daughter-in-law, and B is C's mother.
(d) C is B's daughter, and B is A's niece.

5. Why do A and B make fun of A's deceased husband?
(a) He couldn't dance.
(b) He had one leg.
(c) He had one eye.
(d) He was impotent.

6. How did A break her back?
(a) She was beaten.
(b) She was in a car accident.
(c) She was thrown off of a horse.
(d) She fell out of a window.

7. How did A kill time while she was bedridden after breaking her back?
(a) Reading.
(b) Wondering who her husband was having sex with.
(c) Wondering where her son was.
(d) Writing a book.

8. According to Act 2, Part 2, why do women cheat?
(a) Because they are greedy.
(b) Because they are hormonal.
(c) Because they are sexually unsatisfied.
(d) Because they are lonely.

9. Who is the son suddenly able to hear and see at the beginning of Act 2, Part 4?
(a) A, in her bed.
(b) C.
(c) B.
(d) A.

10. C wonders, in Act 2, Part 4, if what ended with her?
(a) Compassion.
(b) Her family's wealth.
(c) The happy times.
(d) Youthful vigor.

11. What is the best moment of life according to A?
(a) The moment of her son's birth.
(b) The moment of her marriage.
(c) The moment of her birth.
(d) The final moment when it is possible to stop.

12. Who appears in Act 1, Part 2, as C is writing?
(a) A.
(b) The doctor.
(c) B.
(d) The Boy.

13. Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of B's husband, according to B's description of him in Act 2, Part 2?
(a) He made her laugh.
(b) He liked tall women.
(c) He was a good dancer.
(d) He loved children.

14. How is A able to see herself and her life in Act 2, Part 4?
(a) In limited detail.
(b) With emotion.
(c) With broken memories.
(d) Objectively.

15. Why did A's son come to see her for the first time after leaving?
(a) The son needed a place to stay.
(b) A had a heart attack.
(c) A was terminally ill.
(d) A's husband died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do A and C admit at the end of act 2, part 3?

2. What does A remember about flirting at work when she was younger?

3. According to A, how long has she been alone, since her husband died?

4. What metaphor does B use for middle age?

5. What are A and B's reactions to what C says about how she and Sis made a living?

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