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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did A kill time while she was bedridden after breaking her back?
(a) Writing a book.
(b) Wondering who her husband was having sex with.
(c) Reading.
(d) Wondering where her son was.

2. According to B, what is the best time of life?
(a) Childhood.
(b) Old age.
(c) Middle age.
(d) Youth.

3. How did C and Sis make a living, according to C?
(a) They cleaned houses.
(b) They were human mannequins.
(c) They prosituted themselves.
(d) They dated rich men who paid for their necessities.

4. Who appears in Act 1, Part 2, as C is writing?
(a) The Boy.
(b) The doctor.
(c) A.
(d) B.

5. According to A, why did she marry her husband?
(a) Because he was rich.
(b) Because she was lonely.
(c) Because she was in love.
(d) Because she was in a hurry to have children.

6. What happens at the end of Act 2, Part 2?
(a) C leaves.
(b) The Boy walks into the room.
(c) A dies.
(d) B leaves.

7. How did Sis and A react when their father died?
(a) Sis cried, but A didn't.
(b) They didn't cry at all, to be strong for their mother.
(c) They went to their own rooms to cry.
(d) They cried together.

8. What does C say about her sex life in Act 2, Part 1?
(a) She is not a virgin, but still a good girl.
(b) She is a virgin, and is waiting until she gets married.
(c) She is promiscuous, and goes out with any man who she finds attractive.
(d) She only goes out with men who are willing to spend money on her.

9. What does C want A and B to tell her, in Act 2, Part 4?
(a) The happy times to come for her.
(b) What A's son did that led to the distance between them.
(c) What her relationship with her husband will be like.
(d) What will happen to C in the next few years.

10. What does C say about the flirting she did at work?
(a) She never flirted at work because she didn't meet any men that interested her.
(b) She used to flirt innocently with the husbands shopping with their wives.
(c) Men used to flirt with her, but she never responded in kind.
(d) C used to flirt with men shopping with their wives, hoping to become some rich man's mistress.

11. What does C regret about her experience with the young man who took her virginity?
(a) She couldn't do everything she wanted to do for him.
(b) She wishes she had waited for her husband.
(c) She wishes she had waited until she was older.
(d) She wishes she had married him.

12. In Act 2, Part 1, what does A tell C she should do?
(a) Grow up.
(b) Stay single.
(c) Write a will.
(d) Hire a lawyer.

13. What are A and B's reactions to what C says about how she and Sis made a living?
(a) B thought it was fun, but A is embarrassed.
(b) B doesn't want people to know about it, but A says it was fun.
(c) Both A and B remain quiet and contemplative while C tells her story.
(d) B is confused, because she doesn't remember doing any of the things C describes, but A does, and misses doing it.

14. How did A's mother-in-law feel about her?
(a) She liked A very much.
(b) She didn't like A.
(c) A did not have a mother-in-law.
(d) She was always distant, and A couldn't tell if she liked her or not.

15. What does A remember about flirting at work when she was younger?
(a) It was innocent.
(b) It wasn't often.
(c) It was uncomfortable.
(d) It was calculated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does C ask A and B regarding A's accident?

2. According to A, what did A's mother do when A and Sis argued?

3. Why does C sit down to write in Act 2, Part 1?

4. Why do A and B make fun of A's deceased husband?

5. What happened to B's son in school?

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