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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does A feel that she always had to be strong?
(a) Because she didn't have faith in anyone but herself.
(b) Because she had so much misfortune in her life.
(c) Because no one else was.
(d) Because she didn't have anyone to depend on.

2. When did the incident with the bracelet occur between A and her husband?
(a) After they came home from a party.
(b) On Christmas Eve.
(c) When her husband came home from work.
(d) After a riding show.

3. Why do the doctors want to amputate A's arm?
(a) Because she has gangrene in her fingers.
(b) Because she fell and broke it, and it isn't healing.
(c) Because she has an infected wound on her wrist.
(d) Because she has poor circulation.

4. A was more careful than Sis about what?
(a) Finances.
(b) Birth control.
(c) Men.
(d) Her health.

5. A says in Act 1, Part 2 that she learned lessons about people from whom?
(a) Her sister.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her son.
(d) Her husband.

6. According to A, Sis and her mother hated what part of A's personality?
(a) Her strength.
(b) Her adaptability.
(c) Her compassion.
(d) Her stubbornness.

7. C tells B that she is not good at what?
(a) Giving advice.
(b) Socializing.
(c) Empathizing.
(d) Helping.

8. How does B respond to A's tantrum in Act 1, Part 4?
(a) B tries to reason with A.
(b) B ignores A until she stops.
(c) B gives A a sedative.
(d) B helps A get into bed.

9. Why does A complain about B in Act 1, Part 1?
(a) A complains that B is a terrible cook.
(b) A complains that B is hurting her.
(c) A complains that B is rude to her.
(d) A complains that B talks too much.

10. What did A do that Sis objected to?
(a) Prostituted herself.
(b) Slept with boys.
(c) Had a child at a young age.
(d) Got married instead of getting a job.

11. What expression does A use that B laughs at?
(a) "Get fresh."
(b) "Tonic water."
(c) "Poppycock."
(d) "Silly goose."

12. Who had a glass eye?
(a) B.
(b) A's husband.
(c) A.
(d) C.

13. What was A's husband doing when he injured his shoulder?
(a) Drinking at a bar.
(b) Painting the house.
(c) Playing sports.
(d) Hunting.

14. Why does A start crying in act 1, part 3?
(a) Because she isn't pretty anymore.
(b) Because she knows she is dying.
(c) Because Sis is dead.
(d) Because she has shrunk.

15. How do B and C react when A cries?
(a) They leave the room.
(b) They try to console her.
(c) They wait quietly until she finishes.
(d) They tell her to stop.

Short Answer Questions

1. A thinks that all of her staff do what?

2. How do B and C know that A is still alive?

3. What worries C, regarding A's bathroom habits?

4. What were A's favorite pieces of jewelry?

5. Whose name is A trying to remember at the end of Act 1, Part 2?

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