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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does A refer to as "a real smart little Jew?"
(a) The boy.
(b) B.
(c) Her husband.
(d) C.

2. What does C say about her mother in Act 2, Part 1?
(a) She brought both C and Sis up well.
(b) She was a drunk who left C to care for Sis.
(c) She should have remarried so that C and Sis had a father figure.
(d) She did the best she could, but it wasn't enough.

3. What are A and B's reactions to what C says about how she and Sis made a living?
(a) Both A and B remain quiet and contemplative while C tells her story.
(b) B is confused, because she doesn't remember doing any of the things C describes, but A does, and misses doing it.
(c) B doesn't want people to know about it, but A says it was fun.
(d) B thought it was fun, but A is embarrassed.

4. What happened to B's son in school?
(a) He got kicked out of every one he went to.
(b) He was supposed to have a sports scholarship until he got injured.
(c) He had an affair with one of the teachers.
(d) He was beaten, almost to death, by his classmates.

5. What do A and C admit at the end of act 2, part 3?
(a) That they do not like each other.
(b) That they are actually quite similar.
(c) That they are both unhappy.
(d) That they are very different.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is sitting on the bench, at the foot of the bed, at the beginning of Act 1?

2. What does C say about the flirting she did at work?

3. What comment does B make to C, regarding A's bathroom habits?

4. C wonders, in Act 2, Part 4, if what ended with her?

5. How does C feel about A and B in Act 1, Part 1?

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