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Objective: A, B, and C are introduced in the first part of Act 1. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the significance of the three characters' lack of names.

1) In-class writing assignment: In one to two paragraphs have students answer the following question(s): Who are the three main characters in the play? In what order are they introduced?

2) In-class group work: Divide students into groups of three or four and have them answer the following question(s): What is an archetype? How do the three main characters fit the definition of an archetype?

3) In-class discussion: Have students discuss the work they did in groups. In addition, have them discuss the following questions: Why do you think the playwright chose to define these three women as archetypes? What message is Albee trying to send through his use of this literary device? How might the characters' development...

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