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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Solyony jokes that _______ is made of cockroaches.
(a) The bread
(b) Literature
(c) Children
(d) Liquor

2. Which character says that teaching gives her headaches, becoming one of the many complaints this character has?
(a) Natasha
(b) Masha
(c) Irina
(d) Olga

3. Who does Tusenbach feel sorry for, as he seems to change moods depending on who he is with?
(a) Solyony
(b) Chebutykin
(c) Andrei
(d) Vershinin

4. What is going on during this particular time period of the scene?
(a) Easter
(b) Saints Week
(c) Christmas
(d) Carnival Week

5. Who has been named secretary to the council run by Protopopov?
(a) Vershinin
(b) Tusenbach
(c) Chebutykin
(d) Andrei

6. Which sister works at the school with the answer to #37?
(a) Olga
(b) Anfisa
(c) Natasha
(d) Masha

7. Who announces Vershinin's arrival into this second part of Act 1?
(a) Natasha
(b) Anfisa
(c) Irina
(d) Olga

8. What is said to be far away, though no one knows why?
(a) The church
(b) The post office
(c) The market
(d) The train station

9. To whom does Irina comment about Masha's bad mood?
(a) Andrei
(b) Chebutykin
(c) Tusenbach
(d) Vershinin

10. Where exactly is the sisters' mother buried?
(a) Moscow
(b) The backyard
(c) The garden
(d) She's still alive

11. Who becomes tearful by how old Vershinin looks?
(a) Irina
(b) Masha
(c) Olga
(d) Natasha

12. Who tells Chebutykin that he has one of the stew ingredients wrong?
(a) Olga
(b) Irina
(c) Vershinin
(d) Solyony

13. What does Masha warn Chebutykin not to do as he has embarrassed himself in the past?
(a) Eat
(b) Talk
(c) Joke
(d) Drink

14. Who announces they're staying to lunch when the arrival of another character occurs?
(a) Vershinin
(b) Andrei
(c) Olga
(d) Masha

15. Where do Irina and Olga want to be by the fall in terms of their living situation?
(a) Moscow
(b) Poland
(c) Chicago
(d) New York

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the women in the play describes herself as a little white bird?

2. Who is gaining weight according to the observations of the other characters in the play?

3. Who do they say is going to be a professor one day because he is so smart?

4. Who, according to Natasha, speaks very bad French?

5. Who does Tusenbach try to make peace with although it doesn't seem to be successful?

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