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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does Macheath offer Smith as a bribe in Act Three?
(a) Five hundred pounds.
(b) One hundred pounds.
(c) One thousand pounds.
(d) Ten thousand pounds.

2. Why are people jamming the streets in Act Three Scene Nine?
(a) To watch the parade.
(b) To witness Macheath's wedding.
(c) For the Coronation.
(d) To witness Macheath's execution.

3. How does Macheath try to escape at the brothel?
(a) From the front door.
(b) Through the cellar.
(c) From the window.
(d) From the back door.

4. How much money does Mac ask Jake and Matthew for from jail?
(a) 1,000 pounds.
(b) 800 pounds.
(c) 100 pounds.
(d) 400 pounds.

5. Where does Polly say she first meets Macheath with her mother?
(a) Highland Wharf.
(b) Cuttlefish Hotel.
(c) Bowery Hotel.
(d) The church.

6. What does Mr. Peachum tell Celia to get for the ladies in Act Three?
(a) Money.
(b) Dinner.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Wine.

7. What is Macheath's "Tragic Flaw"?
(a) Pride.
(b) Recklessness.
(c) Sexual urges.
(d) Drinking.

8. The Solomon Song is sung by whom?
(a) Jenny.
(b) Mrs. Peachum.
(c) Macheath.
(d) Polly.

9. Who offers to "settle the bill" when Macheath is taken away?
(a) Mrs. Peachum.
(b) Jenny.
(c) Mr. Peachum.
(d) Smith.

10. What does Lucy bring to Mac in the jail?
(a) His coat.
(b) The keys.
(c) Her father.
(d) His hat and cane.

11. What does Macheath say to Mrs. Peachum when he sees her outside the brothel?
(a) Where is Polly?
(b) You witch!
(c) What are you doing here?
(d) Good afternoon, Ma'am.

12. What is Jake doing while Mac is arrested?
(a) Hiding.
(b) Reading.
(c) Drinking.
(d) Laughing.

13. Which Egyptian king does Peachum tell Brown about?
(a) Nero.
(b) Ramses III.
(c) Ramses II.
(d) Antony.

14. Mac says to Lucy that Polly wants to parade as his _________.
(a) Widow.
(b) Wife.
(c) Mistress.
(d) Lover.

15. When speaking to Lucy in Act Three, when does Polly say she marries Macheath?
(a) Last month.
(b) Two weeks ago.
(c) The day before yesterday.
(d) A week ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Filch rush in to tell Peachum is on their way?

2. Whom does Mrs. Peachum tell to escort the girls to the door in Act Three?

3. What thug is in the company of the prostitutes?

4. What is Polly referred to as by Lucy?

5. What happens with Jenny's baby?

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