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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is Macheath hanged?
(a) At noon.
(b) At eleven.
(c) At six.
(d) At eight.

2. Who arrives in Act Three to get money from Mrs. Peachum?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Polly.
(c) Jenny.
(d) Macheath.

3. What playwright is mentioned in The Solomon Song?
(a) Shakespeare.
(b) Brecht.
(c) Moliere.
(d) Marlowe.

4. The Solomon Song is sung by whom?
(a) Mrs. Peachum.
(b) Polly.
(c) Macheath.
(d) Jenny.

5. Who sings "Ballade of Immoral Earnings"?
(a) Jake and Lucy.
(b) Mac and Jenny.
(c) Mac and Lucy.
(d) Polly and Mrs. Peachum.

6. Who does Filch rush in to tell Peachum is on their way?
(a) Jenny.
(b) The police.
(c) Macheath.
(d) Polly.

7. What does Peachum intend to disrupt the Coronation with?
(a) A demonstration of human misery.
(b) A circus performance.
(c) A robbery.
(d) A bank heist.

8. Where is Jenny's brothel?
(a) Manchester.
(b) Turnbridge.
(c) Wales.
(d) Winchester.

9. Who says, "One must live well to know what living is"?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Macheath.
(c) Mrs. Peachum.
(d) Peachum.

10. Which Egyptian king does Peachum tell Brown about?
(a) Ramses II.
(b) Antony.
(c) Nero.
(d) Ramses III.

11. What day does Macheath regularly visit the brothel?
(a) Saturday.
(b) Thursday.
(c) Sunday.
(d) Friday.

12. What does Mac order for his last meal?
(a) Macaroni and Cheese.
(b) Asparagus.
(c) An omelet.
(d) A steak.

13. Where are the bells ringing from?
(a) Westminster.
(b) Big Ben.
(c) Manchester.
(d) East London.

14. What code word does Peachum tell the band to play when they hear it?
(a) Macheath.
(b) Polly.
(c) Jenny.
(d) Harmless.

15. When does Mrs. Peachum tell the ladies to return for their money?
(a) Thursday.
(b) After the Coronation.
(c) Next week.
(d) Before the Coronation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does Mac ask Jake and Matthew for from jail?

2. Who does Brown arrive to arrest in Act Three?

3. Where does in Act Three Scene Nine take place?

4. When does Jenny say that Mac is in "for a hard time"?

5. What does the "treacherous woman's" name begin with referred to in the palm reading?

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