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Character Collage

Ask students to make a collage from old magazines, newspapers, etc. from the point of view of a character from the play. The collage should represent this character in terms of emotion, clothing, interests. It can be abstract, but students should be able to explain their choices.

Casting the Play

Ask students to cast The Mound Builders from actors today. Why do they choose who they choose? Describe their vision of the characters. Are they thin, fat, awkward, or graceful?

Biographical Interview

Have students in groups of two come to the front of the class. One student acts as "Interviewer" and the second student portrays a character from the play. Have the students improvise an interview, asking how the character feels about other characters in the play, their motivations, and their actions. Ask them about the time period, and how they feel about their situation.

Drawing a Character

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