The Threepenny Opera Character Descriptions

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Ballad Singer - This unnamed character serves as a kind of Greek chorus, commenting and explaining the play's action as it unfolds.

Sheriff Jackie Brown - This character is a long-time friend of the main character, serving with him in India. He is a crooked official who takes a portion of the beggars' earnings in return for tip-offs about raids.

Lucy Brown - This character is having an affair with the main character of the play, despite the fact that she is the daughter of his dear friend.

Charles Filch - This character comes innocently enough into the beggar's outfitting emporium, hoping to obtain permission to beg on a certain street corner. The character proves to be singularly unsuited for the career of begging, however, being naturally inclined to pity and expresses guilt over accepting money from people.

The Gang - This group consists of thieves...

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