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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who functions as a second to d'Artagnan in his duel at noon?
(a) His friend.
(b) M. de Treville.
(c) His father.
(d) No one.

2. Where does M. de Treville write a letter of introduction for d'Artagnan?
(a) The Royal Guard.
(b) The Royal Trainers.
(c) The Royal Academy.
(d) The Royal Institute.

3. What town do d'Artagnan and Planchet make it to before their horse drop with exhaustion?
(a) Calais.
(b) Deavon.
(c) Patron.
(d) Abertilly.

4. Who does Athos say the money he receives in a letter is from?
(a) A publisher of his art.
(b) A publisher of his stories.
(c) A publisher of his poems.
(d) A publisher of his book.

5. Who does Lady de Winter's servant love?
(a) Count de Wardens.
(b) d'Artagnan.
(c) Lord de Winter.
(d) Athos.

Short Answer Questions

1. The letter that My Lady from the church needs to deliver to a servant asks for what?

2. Where does Dumas come across the memoirs that he uses as the basis of the book?

3. When does d'Artagnan have to return to Lady de Winter to finalize their plans to get revenge against de Wardes?

4. What relationship does Porthos' mistress claim Porthos is to her, in front of her husband?

5. When d'Artagnan sees the mark on Lady de Winter's shoulder, what does she try to kill him with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is d'Artagnan torn by his feelings for Lady de Winter?

2. What happens with the Anjou wine that d'Artagnan is sent?

3. What does the letter from Constance Bonancieux tell d'Artagnan to do in order to catch a glimpse of her passing by Chaillot road?

4. The King is annoyed that the cardinal knows more about his kingdom that he does. The king goes and talks to the queen, to ask her what the cardinal knows, and instead does what?

5. When d'Artagnan has his first face-to-face meeting with the cardinal, what does the cardinal offer him?

6. Why does Lady de Winter tell Rochefort that she has to leave the convent?

7. How does Dumas present his story?

8. What does Athos take from Lady de Winter for the good of the state?

9. What happens when d'Artagnan confesses that de Wardes is never in Lady de Winter's chambers, that it is himself instead?

10. What is the basis of the bet the Musketeers make with the dragoons?

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