The Three Musketeers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Dumas present his story?

Dumas presents his story as a previously undiscovered manuscript that brings to light the details missing from d'Artagnan's memoirs.

2. What are the three parting gifts that d'Artagnan's father gives him?

The three parting gifts that d'Artagnan's father gives him are an old and yellow horse, a sum of 13 crowns and a letter to M. de Treville, the captain of the Musketeers.

3. How does Dumas portray M. de Treville?

Dumas portrays M. de Treville as a kindly, fatherly figure to the Musketeers, ready to extricate them from any political difficulty, but intends that they are not shown up by the cardinal's men.

4. Why does Athos turn down d'Artagnan's offer of his mother's salve and a delay in their duel?

Athos says that it is courteous for d'Artagnan to wait until he is fully healed to fight, and to offer his mother's salve, but that if they wait, the cardinal will catch wind of their duel and they will be prevented from dueling.

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