The Three Musketeers Fun Activities

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Watch the movie

Watch one of the movie versions of The Three Musketeers.

Watch the sequel

Watch one of the movie versions of a sequel to The Three Musketeers to find out what happens to the friends in their future.

Getting Friendly

Write a journal response on which character you think you can be friends with, and why. Which character cansyou absolutely NOT be friends with? Why or why not?

Create a board game

Create a board game based on the book.

A play

Create a play version of The Three Musketeers that your class can perform for others.

Learn the history

Write a short report on the actual history of the men that Dumas bases his characters on.

Book review

Write a book review of this story that makes other people, your age, want to read the book.

Create illustrations

Create illustrations for a section of the...

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