The Three Musketeers Character Descriptions

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Queen Anne. - This character is originally from Spain and is not in love with their spouse, but with another person.

Aramis. - This character is handsome and wants to become a priest.

Athos. - This character is highly intelligent, a phenomenal fighter, and marries someone who betrayes the character.

Bazin. - This character is another character's personal servant and wants their master to enter the Church.

Madame Bonacieux. - This character is beautiful and not above flirting with people who are not their spouse.

Monsieur Bonacieux. - This character is a landlord of another character and turns against his spouse later in the book.

Duke of Buckingham. - This character is a nobleman who is the Minister of War.

d'Artagnan. - This character is a young person from a noble, but impoverished, family who leaves their home in Gascony and goes to Paris to make...

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