Objects & Places from Three to Get Deadly

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Nissan Truck

Stephanie buys this and has to have it fixed three times before it finally runs properly.


Stephanie has a weakness for this.

Chicken Suit

Stuart Baggett is wearing this.

Morelli's House

Stephanie later learns that this was inherited from an aunt.

Pornographic Movies

Uncle Mo likes to make these.

Stephanie's Gun

This is rarely used.

Montgomery Street

Stephanie spends a great deal of time on Montgomery Street, staking out an apartment building where Mo might have been seen.

Freedom Church

Freedom Church is the church that Reverend Bill runs on Montgomery Street next door to the apartment building Jackie thinks she sees Uncle Mo entering.

Mo's Country House

Stephanie finally finds Mo at the house in the country he uses to film his movies in.

Mo's Cellar

Stephanie and Morelli find four bodies buried in the cellar under Mo's candy store. Later Stephanie learns that...

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