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Short Answer Questions

1. Ephraim calls Abbie his what, in Part 2 of Desire Under the Elms?

2. Where does Nina say she is going in Part 1, Act 1 in Strange Interlude?

3. In what room of the house does Part 2, Scene 3 of Desire Under the Elms take place?

4. How much time passes between Scenes 1 and 2 in Part 3 of Desire Under the Elms?

5. Who speaks first in soliloquy in Part 1, Act 1 of Strange Interlude?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news does Eben return to the farmhouse to inform his brothers of, in Part 1 of Desire Under the Elms? What is the brothers' reaction?

2. Why does Nina say she's going away in Act 1 of Strange Interlude?

3. The morning after their "tryst," how do Abbie and Eben feel in Desire Under the Elms? How does Ephraim feel?

4. In what ways does Evans compare himself to Gordon in Act 2 of Strange Interlude?

5. What does Darrell tell Marsden about Nina's behavior at the hospital in Strange Interlude?

6. What happens in the falling action and resolution of Desire Under the Elms?

7. How does Eben's position in the household contribute to his conflicts over the estate in Desire Under the Elms?

8. Describe the symbolism of the fence on the Cabot farm in Desire Under the Elms.

9. Describe the thematic elements which are shared by Desire Under the Elms and the other plays in the collection.

10. What do Evans and his mother talk about in Act 3 of Strange Interlude? What does she ask him about Nina?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the actions and events which occur in The Hunted. Which play of the Oresteia is this play an adaptation of? How do the plot points differ than in Aeschylus' play?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the characters of Ephraim and Eben in Desire Under the Elms. How are these men alike? How are they different? What actions does each commit through the play?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the theme of Incest and Family Secrets in the Mourning Becomes Electra trilogy. Within which characters is this theme manifested? What actions are representative of the theme?

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