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The Cabot Farmhouse - The action of Desire Under the Elms takes place entirely in and around this setting.

The Parlor - This room in the house is particularly significant in that it represents the house's true identity - as a manifestation of Eben's mother, the original owner.

California - For the male characters in Desire Under the Elms, this place represents hope and freedom.

The Elms - Several times throughout the play Desire Under the Elms, these are referred to as hanging, almost looming, over the house.

The Leeds home, the Evans' homes - These are the settings of Strange Interlude.

Nina's Babies - The nature and function of these is seen by the protagonist of Strange Interlude as objects rather than as people - as incarnations of the idealized Gordon Shaw, as tools for fulfilling her vow to keep her husband happy, as ways of...

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