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Imagery Collage

Using some of the animal or other imagery which is described in one of the plays, create a collage which embodies the mood of one of the plays, a symbol, or a theme.

Pantomime Scenes

Without using words, students are to come to the front of the class and pantomime the actions of a scene. This is particularly useful when studying Action, Objective, and Subtext. Students should mime out the physical embodiment of what each character is doing to another.

Modernize the Text

Write a brief paper (2-3 pages) describing how you would re-write one of the plays if it were set in today's time. What elements would be different? What would be the same?

Improv Comedy

Each student should choose a character from one of the plays and groups of 2-3 come together to create an ad-libbed improv sketch parodying the play. Students can interject...

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