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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of experience does Harris have that the others do not?
(a) Rowing at sea.
(b) Fixing boats with leaks.
(c) Navigating by the stars.
(d) Making navigational maps.

2. What time does George hear the bells chime in the story which J. tells about George's broken watch?
(a) 12:00.
(b) 6:00.
(c) 3:00.
(d) 9:00;

3. What is the first sign that George's watch might be broken in the story J. tells?
(a) The landlady hadn't made breakfast.
(b) The sun was not up.
(c) The coffee was cold.
(d) The sun had already been up for quite some time.

4. In the story he tells, how does J. get saved from being stuck at the top of a pole?
(a) He has to jump from the pole to a tree to a boat.
(b) He is saved by another boat.
(c) He is saved when the tide goes out, and he can crawl down.
(d) He eventually climbs down and swims to safety.

5. With whom are Streatly and Goring popular?
(a) Fishermen.
(b) Beautiful women.
(c) Royalty.
(d) Teenagers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the men insist that their food supplies be delivered to their boat immediately?

2. Where are the men returning from when Montmorency attacks another animal?

3. Why did George pass the second inn he found when he first visited Datchet?

4. What kind of boat does J. remember renting with some friends on a windy day?

5. How does the stew turn out that the group makes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What change does J. notice about the group after they eat a large supper near Picnic Point?

2. How do George and J. end up getting to Henley?

3. What does George decide to do once he realizes he cannot go back to sleep the night his watch stops working?

4. Why does J. have to pay a lot of money after he and some friends rent a sailboat on a windy day?

5. What kinds of methods do the men use to try to open their canned goods during the trip?

6. What kinds of complaints does J. have about steam-powered boats?

7. What happens that lets George know that everyone is lying about who caught the fish that is mounted on the wall in the pub?

8. What does J. claim one has to do to get a tea kettle to boil?

9. Why does J.'s ode to night at the end of Chapter 10 seem so out of character?

10. Why do the men pretend to ignore the steam launch when it approaches them?

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