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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the men returning from when Montmorency attacks another animal?
(a) Watching a local riot.
(b) Visiting a tavern.
(c) Visiting a diner.
(d) Bathing in the river.

2. How do the men react to Montmorency's offer for the stew?
(a) They ignore him.
(b) They put it in the stew.
(c) They scold him.
(d) They pretend to consider it but decide against it.

3. What unusual thing do the men see floating in the water after they pass Reading?
(a) Lots and lots of bubbles.
(b) Brightly colored clothes.
(c) Large boxes.
(d) Something black.

4. What did George do when he woke up in the middle of the night when his watch stopped?
(a) He thought he had to start getting ready for work.
(b) He thought it was Saturday.
(c) He thought he had a lot more time to sleep.
(d) He thought he was late for work.

5. With whom are Streatly and Goring popular?
(a) Fishermen.
(b) Royalty.
(c) Teenagers.
(d) Beautiful women.

6. What skill is J. apparently lacking to be a great fisherman?
(a) He feels too bad for the fish.
(b) He is not a good enough liar.
(c) He doesn't know how to tie good knots in the fishing line.
(d) He is not patient enough.

7. Which two characters have previously taken a boat trip together?
(a) The dog and J.
(b) J. and Harris.
(c) J. and George.
(d) Harris and George.

8. What is "Picnic Point"?
(a) A famous spot in the river that is good for eating lunch.
(b) The name of the place the group stops at when it can't reach Magna Charta as planned.
(c) The name of J.'s hometown.
(d) The name they give the place on their boat where they always eat.

9. Why can the men not get their canned items open during the trip?
(a) It has all melted together.
(b) Their can opener gets taken by the dog.
(c) They have forgotten the can opener.
(d) It is strangely stuck shut.

10. Who follows the men to their boat as their stored food is being replaced?
(a) Delivery boys.
(b) Random townspeople.
(c) Dogs.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

11. What animal does Harris imagine has attacked him while George and J. were in Henley?
(a) Rats.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Swans.

12. Whom does George finally ask about the time in the story J. tells about the broken watch?
(a) A policeman.
(b) A priest.
(c) His girlfriend.
(d) A newspaper vendor.

13. Whose shirt does J. accidentally fling into the river?
(a) George's.
(b) The captain's.
(c) His own.
(d) Harris's.

14. Why do the men insist that their food supplies be delivered to their boat immediately?
(a) So they can get back on the river.
(b) They need to divide the food supplies into daily portions before leaving.
(c) They are worried the food might spoil.
(d) They have no food available.

15. Where does George end up sleeping when he first visits Datchet?
(a) The second inn where he stopped.
(b) The first inn where he stopped.
(c) In the forest.
(d) A private home.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Sonning described by J.?

2. When do most young men begin boating?

3. Where do the men decide they must bathe during their trip?

4. While in Reading, where do the men randomly meet some friends of theirs?

5. What happens to Harris when he appears to disappear during lunch with the other men?

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