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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does J. think would make it easier for him to go back to sleep after he's had a rough night?
(a) A gate so he doesn't have to worry about rolling off the boat.
(b) If his fellow travelers just left him alone for a little bit.
(c) If the wildlife would just be quiet.
(d) If he had somewhere to be at a certain time.

2. What kind of animal does Montmorency attack?
(a) A wombat.
(b) A cat.
(c) A bat.
(d) A rat.

3. Where do the men decide they must bathe during their trip?
(a) In the boat's bathtub.
(b) In the river.
(c) In a pond.
(d) At a private bathroom on land somewhere.

4. How does J. describe Reading?
(a) As unattractive.
(b) As a scene from Norman Rockwell.
(c) As a Monet painting.
(d) As heaven on earth.

5. What does Montmorency offer up for the stew?
(a) His dog food.
(b) A water rat.
(c) A bone.
(d) Some rocks.

6. Why do the men insist that their food supplies be delivered to their boat immediately?
(a) So they can get back on the river.
(b) They need to divide the food supplies into daily portions before leaving.
(c) They have no food available.
(d) They are worried the food might spoil.

7. Who finally ends up helping George find a place to sleep when he first visits Datchet?
(a) No one.
(b) A beautiful girl.
(c) A small boy.
(d) An old man.

8. What kinds of vegetables do the men use in their stew?
(a) Peas.
(b) Peas and carrots.
(c) Peas and potatoes.
(d) Potatoes.

9. When do most young men begin boating?
(a) As a scout.
(b) As a teenager.
(c) As soon as they can walk.
(d) As soon as they want to impress a girl.

10. What kind of lunch is Harris eating when he seemingly disappears?
(a) A meat pie.
(b) Corned beef with mustard.
(c) A fruit salad.
(d) Bread and cheese.

11. Why would J. get into trouble when he tried to make rafts?
(a) He made them too large.
(b) He would steal the material he needed.
(c) He made them too small.
(d) He was supposed to be at school instead.

12. What kind of canned item can the men not get open during their trip?
(a) Peaches.
(b) Pineapple.
(c) Gravy.
(d) Peas.

13. Why do the men not reach Magna Charta when they planned?
(a) The island doesn't actually exist.
(b) Their map is wrong.
(c) Their boat runs out of gas.
(d) It is too far, and they are tired.

14. When did George begin boating?
(a) When he was trying to impress a girl.
(b) As a teenager.
(c) This is his first trip.
(d) At a very young age.

15. Whose shirt does J. accidentally fling into the river?
(a) The captain's.
(b) Harris's.
(c) His own.
(d) George's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What signals finally allow George and J. to find Harris the night they go to Henley?

2. What natural wonder has a major impact on J. near picnic point?

3. What did George do when he woke up in the middle of the night when his watch stopped?

4. How does Montmorency react to the animal he tries to attack?

5. What is the group's original goal for Magna Charta Island?

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