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Four Week Quiz B

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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What towns are Harris and J. rowing by as J. tries to keep Harris from stopping to read tomb inscriptions?
(a) Newport and Bridgeport.
(b) Boston and Newport.
(c) Burlington and Burlingame.
(d) Halliford and Shepperton.

2. How does Montmorency react to the men's jovial demeanor while making the stew?
(a) He gets into the spirit.
(b) He naps.
(c) He becomes afraid.
(d) He disappears for awhile.

3. According to J., what are girls constantly asking while they tow the boat?
(a) Why the men felt the need to pack so much stuff.
(b) If they can have some water.
(c) If they are doing it okay.
(d) If they can stop.

4. What is the first sign that George's watch might be broken in the story J. tells?
(a) The sun had already been up for quite some time.
(b) The sun was not up.
(c) The coffee was cold.
(d) The landlady hadn't made breakfast.

5. What does J. think one should do first while preparing dinner?
(a) Read the recipe.
(b) Put some snacks out.
(c) Put the tea kettle on.
(d) Preheat the oven.

Short Answer Questions

1. When discussing what food items to bring, what food item does J. tell an amusing story about bringing on a train?

2. Whom do the men blame for oversleeping?

3. Where is George when he hears the bells chime in the story J. tells?

4. Where do Harris and J. stop when they are informed they are trespassing?

5. Where near Sonning do the men decide to camp?

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