Three Junes Short Essay - Answer Key

Julia Glass
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1. Why does Paul choose to go to Greece?

Paul chooses Greece for its predictable whiteness. He wants to enjoy the blaring heat by day, the rush of stars at night, and the glint of homes on the coast. Plus, he needs time to forget his wife's death.

2. What does Paul do for a living, and how does he like his job?

Paul is the owner and publisher of a newspaper. He is tired of the people and topics that make the news frequently. He is tired of his job.

3. Where did Paul meet his wife?

Paul met his wife at the Globe. She worked there as a cook, barkeep, or sometimes as a maid. He would see her at the bar some evenings, and he offered to give her a ride home one night.

4. What are some sketches that Fern shows Paul?

Fern shows Paul her sketchbook that contains watercolors and pencil drawings. Most of the pictures are of people, but there are a handful of landscapes.

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