Objects & Places from Three Junes

Julia Glass
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Fern's Drawings

These are given to Paul by Jack and are images of a mother and child that symbolize past, future, and family.


These are built for the collies that Maureen raised and became something David wishes to destroy because they often took his mother away from her family.

Lillian's Letter

This is written to Fenno to request his help and emphasized the importance of family and helping one another.

Paul's Ashes

These are an issue of contention as to what should be done with them, and when they disappear, they reveal the family closeness that came through death.

Paul's Letter to Fenno

This was written in 1989 and shows Fenno his father’s humanity and goodness.


This is a disease that kills Mal and many other gay men.

Cultural Columns

These are written by Mal to critique the fine arts and provide him with a...

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