Three Junes Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Julia Glass
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Essay Topic 1

Glass uses third-person and first-person points of view in the novel. How does the change in points of view advance the plot? Why can the story not be told as effectively with just one point of view?

Essay Topic 2

Paul struggles with grief. How does Paul decide to deal with his grief, and how successful is he at making a new life for himself after his wife’s death?

Essay Topic 3

Happiness is important for Paul and for Fenno. How are the two men looking for happiness? Do either man achieve happiness? If so, how do they attain it?

Essay Topic 4

Fenno is an angry and miserable person. What choices has Fenno made that cause him to be angry and miserable? How do his feelings affect his relationship with his family? Does he have to change before his relationship with his family can change?

Essay Topic 5

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