Three Junes Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Julia Glass
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Chapters 1-4

• Paul McLeod lives in Scotland and is a World War II veteran.

• After the death of his wife, he decides to go to Greece with a tour group.

• Everyone on the tour is especially kind to Paul and make sure he always has the room with the best view.

• Paul is the publisher and owner of the Dumfries-Galloway newspaper.

• He misses his wife greatly, and he thinks he sees her everywhere.

• Paul knew his wife from school and became better acquainted with her at the Globe, where she worked as a cook, barkeep or sometimes a maid for the upstairs rooms.

• Paul meets a young American woman named Fern on the trip.

• Since she realizes he is from Scotland, she asks about Border collies, because she would like to own one.

• Paul does not wish to talk about collies, because his wife raised the dogs.

• Paul...

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