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Short Answer Questions

1. At the time when most Americans settled their land, from where did they transport most of their slaves?

2. After a boy kills his first deer in the woods, what does the boy traditionally do with that deer's blood?

3. How does the convict react when he hears he must return to prison, this time with an extended sentence?

4. How does Old Ben react when the young boy falls upon him in the bushes?

5. Why does the tall convict consider escaping prison for the first time in his life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Ike visit with as he rides through the woods one last time?

2. Who is Lion, and how does he react the first time he comes face-to-face with Old Ben?

3. Who is Fonsiba, and why does Ike feel the need to track her down?

4. How did Ash attempt to outshine Ike as children, and what was the result of his attempt?

5. What happens when Ike runs into Boon one last time in the woods?

6. What casualties are incurred while Old Ben is fighting for his life in the moments before his death?

7. How do the hunters learn that Old Ben is not an indestructible force of nature?

8. What do the hunters do to pass the time when they are bored on their hunting trips?

9. How does Ike respond when he learns that he has inherited a large chunk of land from his father's will?

10. Who or what kills Major de Spain's colt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the story, "The Bear", the land itself holds great significance to many of the characters in the story. Choose one character from the story and describe their relationship with the land. Where did this character learn their relationship to/with the land? How does their relationship with the land affect this character's actions and motivations throughout the story? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe help strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

The story "Spotted Horses" relies heavily on characteristics of tall-tales common in Southern humor writing. How do you see elements of tall-tales, or stories larger than life, in "Spotted Horses"? Do you think the humor of this type of writing is successful in the story, or does the humor take away from the moral message of the tale? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe helps strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

In the novels, "The Bear" and "The Old Man", Faulkner chooses to employ protagonists that are sparsely described, even ambiguous in character. Choose one of the ambiguously described characters from this collection and describe what the reader knows about the character from the text. Then, argue whether or not the vague description of the character is effective and why. What message do you think Faulkner is sending to the audience through his sparse use of detail? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe help strengthen your arguments.

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