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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the convict react when he hears he must return to prison, this time with an extended sentence?

2. After leaving the Red Cross boat, what body of water do the convict and the refugee walk along?

3. Who do the hunters send along with the young boy to the liquor store?

4. At the time when most Americans settled their land, from where did they transport most of their slaves?

5. What type of weapon does the Cajun man use while he is hunting?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In the story "Spotted Horses", money becomes a central theme to understanding the relationships in the town. Henry Armstid's money cycles into many characters' hands. First, explain the chain of hand-offs of Henry Armstid's money. Why did the money change hands so many times? Then, explain where the money ended up at the close of the story. Finally, explain what financial state the Armstid family was in at the end of the story and why this state is significant to understanding the message of "Spotted Horses".

Essay Topic 2

In both of the stories, "The Old Man" and "Spotted Horses", the stories explore the role the law plays in the common folks' lives. First, explain what role the law (police) plays in the lives of the characters in "Spotted Horses" and compare / contrast that to the role the law plays in the story "The Old Man". Then, choose one character whose life you think was bettered by the intrusion of the law in their problems and compare / contrast that to one character whose life you think was ruined by the law interfering with their problems. At the end of the day, what message do you think Faulkner is trying to send his readers about the intrusion of the law in our everyday lives?

Essay Topic 3

The story "Spotted Horses" relies heavily on characteristics of tall-tales common in Southern humor writing. How do you see elements of tall-tales, or stories larger than life, in "Spotted Horses"? Do you think the humor of this type of writing is successful in the story, or does the humor take away from the moral message of the tale? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe helps strengthen your arguments.

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