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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Ratcliff claim is directly responsible for the damages the Tull family incurred as a result of the wild horse stampede?

2. How does Eck's horse die?

3. What state is Buck Hipps from?

4. What is Eck's expectation when he enters the court to defend himself against Tull?

5. How long has the tall convict been incarcerated at the opening of the story?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Mrs. Armsted arrives at Snopes' store to collect the money she is owed from the horse auction?

2. Toward the end of the trip on the steamboat, how does the Red Cross doctor treat the convict?

3. What happens when Eck's horse comes into contact with the Tull family?

4. How does Hipps treat the wild horses that he brings in from Texas to sell in Mississippi?

5. Why does Snopes end up with five dollars in his hand at the end of the auction?

6. What reaction does Doctor Varner have to the news that there has been a wild horse stampede in town?

7. What happens when the boat overturns that the tall and fat convicts are paddling down the river?

8. How many people in the prison know the true crime that the fat convict committed?

9. Why does Henry get into a shouting match with his wife at the horse auction?

10. How does Snopes treat Mrs. Armstid in court when she brings up a case against him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The moral of the story of "The Bear" has much to do with race relations in the South. First, describe the way that Ike learns his family history of race relations in the South. What is his reaction to this personal history? Then, explain how the bear, Old Ben, is used a symbol to represent race relations in the South. Do you think the bear is an appropriate symbol for this theme? Why or why not? As a reader, how does the symbol of the bear give you a better, deeper understanding of race relations in the South? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you think help strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

In the story "The Old Man", the tall convict is faced with the idea of freedom for the first time in eight years during the flood. First, explain the tall convict's reaction to the idea of freedom. How does the convict's relationship to freedom and the outside, "normal" world fuel his actions throughout the story. How do these actions give the reader deeper insight into the tall convict's view of himself and of his crimes? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe help strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout his life, Ike undergoes many rites of passage for Southern men, including the rite of passage of owning land. First, describe how Ike comes to own a large section of hunting land. Then, describe Ike's reaction to the news that he is the owner of this land. How does Ike feel that the history of owning land and the history of the South are inextricably intertwined? Do you agree with Ike's assessment of the land? Why or why not? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe help strengthen your arguments.

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