Three Famous Short Novels Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Hipps treat the wild horses that he brings in from Texas to sell in Mississippi?

When Hipps arrives to Mississippi from Texas, he has a wagon full of wild horses contained by barbed wire. He tries to convince the Mississippi men that the horses will be easily broken, but as he approaches the wagon, is attacked by the wild horses, splitting his vest. After that, he releases the horses into a pen and the horses run wild into each other and the wooden fence posts, making it clear they need a lot of training.

2. What is Ratcliff's reaction to Hipps' arrival in Mississippi?

When Hipps arrives with the horses in Mississippi, Ratcliff is the only farmer in the town to question whether or not Hipps is running a scam, convincing the farmers to purchase horses they don't need. He tries to rally the crowd to ask questions, like why they need the horses in the first place, or how they will train and wrangle the wild horses, but the townsfolk are convinced by Hipps that they need the horses to live happy lives.

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