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Spotted Horses, Pages 3 - 36

• At the opening of "Spotted Horses", two men, Flem Snopes and Buck Hipps, ride into town with a cart full of wild horses that buck and kick violently. Even though the horses have attacked him, and he has the cut on his ear to prove it, Hipps is anxious to convince the townsfolk that these horses will be easily trained.

• As Hipps approaches one of the horses, it rears up and hoofs him in the chest, splitting his vest. He decides to let the horses run free in a pen, and they gallop around madly in all directions, banging into the fences and each other. Just then, a young boy walks up to the pen looking for his father, Eck Snopes.

• One man from the town, Radcliff, questions who would buy the horses in such a wild condition. He is unsure who owns the...

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