Daily Lessons for Teaching A Thousand Clowns

Herb Gardner
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Objective: Act 1, Part 1 In Act 1, Part 1, the reader meets Murray and Nick. Murray is a man who uses humor as a defense to many of his problems and has passed this on to Nick in some ways. In other ways, Nick acts as if he is the adult in the relationship. In this lesson, we will discuss the relationship between Murray and Nick.

1) Class Discussion: Have class discuss ways in the play that Murray expresses his feelings for Nick and Nick for Murray. Remember that they may be subtle in the way that they are presented. In what ways does Murray take care of Nick and provide for him? In what ways does Nick provide and care for Murray? What benefits does each character get from the relationship between them?

2) Debate: Divide class into two groups. Have Group 1 discuss the good ways that Murray takes care of...

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