A Thousand Clowns Character Descriptions

Herb Gardner
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Albert Amundson - This character is a stuffy, no-nonsense social caseworker with the New York Bureau of Child Welfare.

Arnold Burns - This character works for a large company of theatrical agents in downtown Manhattan and lives a normal life with a family.

Murray Burns - This character is an unemployed television writer who thinks he cannot be tied down to a nine-to-five job. This person enjoys life as only a person with no responsibilities can.

Nick Burns - This character attends a special school and is independent, caring, sociable, and funny.

Chuckles the Chipmunk - This character is the star of a television show on NBC.

Leo Herman - This character is insecure and depressed and thinks they are "the biggest phony you ever met."

Sandra Markowitz - This character is a psychological social worker with the New York Bureau of Child Welfare who becomes...

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